The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Key to our salvation is that God raised the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.

Teachings & Information Surrounding the Crucifixion

Holy Communion

Practical information about how to serve Holy Communion to the fellowship in your home.

Blood & Body - Remembrance of Christ

A Communion teaching. Jesus Christ's blood was shed - his life was given - for remission and forgiveness of our sins. Jesus Christ's body was broken for our physical healing. Both are important in our remembrance of him.

A Lamb of the First Year

The ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ lasted about one year from Passover in 27 AD to Passover in 28 AD at which he was sacrificed as our passover lamb.

Jesus Enters Jerusalem - Twice!

Traditional religion teaches that Jesus Christ made one "Triumphal Entry" into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The accuracy of God's word declares that in the days before the crucifixion Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem daily to teach in the Temple. On Friday, the ninth of Nisan he entered Jerusalem in Judgement as people spread clothing and palm leaves before him. On Saturday, the tenth of Nisan he entered Jerusalem in Blessing as the Passover Lamb and again the people spread clothing and palm leaves before him.

An Answer to Prayer

Jesus Christ prayed three times for God's help in the Garden of Gethsemane. To some it would appear that God did not answer or that His answer was "No." This teaching looks at the prayers and the answers from God.

Simon of Cyrene and the Cross

The wooden cross was carried by Simon of Cyrene. Jesus Christ bore our sins and sicknesses: a spiritual cross - not a physical one.

Jesus Barabbas

The Judeans were asked to choose between Jesus Christ the son of God and a criminal named Jesus Barabbas. It is ironic that they chose "Jesus the son of the father" over our Lord and savior Jesus Christ who was the true son of the Father - God.

Judas' Death

Judas Iscariot was numbered with the other eleven apostles and had obtained part of this ministry. He was forgiven by Jesus Christ for his betrayal and would have received the promise of God on the day of Pentecost as did the other apostles. The book of Acts clearly shows that he was present at the ascension and only after that event was he overcome with grief resulting in his suicide.

The Six Denials of Peter

Tradition says Peter denied Christ three times. The accuracy of God's Word documents six denials.

The Sufferings of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ fulfilled God's Word in suffering nearly 40 hours of mockery, illegal trials, and beatings prior to his being crucified.

The Location of the Crucifixion

Scriptural evidence points to the Mount of Olives as the location of Christ's crucifixion.

The Others Crucified with Christ

Tradition says there were two others crucified with Christ. God's Word documents four others that were crucified when Jesus Christ was crucified.

Jesus Christ's Cry of Triumph

Tradition says God forsook Jesus because he became sin. The truth of God's Word is that the Father was with him as he loudly declared his destiny: to die for mankind.

The Burial of Jesus Christ

Joseph of Arimathea placed the body of Jesus in a tomb he had made near the site of the crucifixion expecting that Jesus would be soon raised from the dead. Following this temporary burial, Nicodemus took the body of Jesus and prepared it for burial according to Judean custom.

Three Days and Three Nights

Tradition says that Jesus died on "Good Friday" and was raised on "Easter Sunday Morning." The accuracy of God's Word reports a 72 hour period in which Jesus was buried. By study of the Word we find that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday and raised on Saturday.

Seated at the Right Hand of God

God made Jesus Christ Lord when he raised him from the dead and seated him at His own right hand.

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