A Look at I John

I John 1:3

And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.

Take a look at I John.  What can we find in there to make us joyful?
Or what can we find to make our joy full?

How much darkness is in God?
What does the verse say that God is?
We are in fellowship with God when we walk in love.
What kind of life has God promised us?
Christ has not yet returned, but we are sons of God right now!
But when he comes, we will be like him.
God has commanded us to love one another.
We can always choose to walk in love.
The world is full if ungodliness;
but holy spirit in you is more powerful than any ungodly power or influence.
Claim God's promises in the name of Jesus Christ.
You have overcome the world because you have Christ in you.
God loved us first, and He continues to love us.
When we believe what God's love has done for us,
we can be fearless.
We have been commanded to love God and
to love our brothers and sisters in Christ.
It is God's will that we love.

His commandments are not grievous.
That means that they are not a burden.
Not a burden at all!
God's willingness equals His ability to answer our prayers.
If we are walking in love; then we are trusting in His Word and His Will.
Then we have confidence that He hears us.
Eternal life is ours.
You're right if you say that we've already mentioned "eternal life."
God establishes His promises in The Word by telling us again.
These verses are some highlights from I John.
Read the whole book to learn about God's love toward us and
about walking in love and power.

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