Some Super Scripture Activities sent to us by Jean Loper.
Thank you!!

A Game Played with a LEADER and TWO TEAMS:
Younger kids' version is played as a single team.
The leader names a book of the Bible and the children have to answer with "Old" or "New" Testament.   Each correct answer is a round, and the game is usually played to 20 rounds.
The game can progress to asking for more specific information.
Jean gave this example:
With older children the LEADER asks questions like "How long was Jesus in the grave?" and they have to find the answer in God's Word.
This is great training in the Word for children to find "the place where it is written."
Have concordances and maybe even some grown-up helpers near by.

Prizes are okay, but by the end of each round remember that everybody will be at the correct answer and therefore a winner.

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