Born Again
Body, Soul, & Spirit
Why Man?
Speaking in Tongues
Why Speak in Tongues
Praying in the holy spirit
God Breathed Word
Purpose of the Word
By the Word of God
How We Got God's Word
Giving and Receiving
Jesus Christ
The Renewed Mind
Fruit of the Spirit
Prayer in the Epistles
The Promise of God
God in Christ in You
No Fear
The Grace of God
Choose Life
New Life New Things
You are Righteous Now
Benefits of Righteousness
Our Legal Justification
God Rescued Us
Believe God
The Gospel of Peace
The Ascension
The Witness
Heirs of God
Our Substitute
We Are What God's Word Says We Are
Three Trees
One Body
Avoid Them
What Can Separate Us?
What is Available?
Are You Limiting God?
Why Division?
The Christian Heart

God First
GOD IS - index page
Wait On God
God's Name
El Shaddai
God is Present
Bless the Lord
God-Inside Minded
Ask God
A Very Present Help
God is My Strength
Lovingkindness & Truth
The Forgiving Father
Rich in Mercy
Exalt & Abase
A Gift is a Gift
God's Dwelling Place
God's House Plan
Seek God Not Things
God Cares for You
Casting All Your Care
Our Shield
God's Calling
Trust God
Take Time for God
The Wisdom of God
The Possessor of Heaven & Earth
Two Gods
Lift Up Your Eyes
God is Able
Cause & Effect
Love God
Fasting for God
When I Consider
Elect of God
The Same God
Stand in Awe of God
Access to God
God is Good
Point of View
I Shall Not Be Moved
God Will Make a Way
God's Good Pleasure
Our Father
Fellowship with God
The Fountain of Living Waters
God is Light
The Most High God
God's Workmanship
A Book of Remembrance

The Word of God
The Word Received
God's Healing Word
God's Word in Acts
Who is the Word?
Psalm 119
God's Powerful Word
Receive with Meekness
Open Ears
Holding Fast
Release with Boldness
No, Absolutely Not
God's Magnified Word
Read God's Word
Out of the Mouth
Living on God's Word
Confess the Word
Naaman's Healing
The Word, The Word, . . .
The Word of Life
Out of the Mouth of God
Proverbs 29:18

Living Epistles
Love One Another
Greet One Another
Comfort One Another
Edify One Another
Members One of Another
Knit Together in Love
Be Ye Thankful
The Church Today
In Your House
Aim At the Mark
Holy Communion
Blessed Nation
As He Is
Add These Things
Examples of the Word
Stewards of the Word
Not Weary
A Perfect Heart
A Willing Giving Heart
Now is the Time
Super Conquerors
Peter Goes Fishing
Forget & Remember
Virtuous Woman
Go, Stand, Speak
Going to Jerusalem
Care for One Another
Bowels of Compassion
Can Do
Quiet Seas
From His Mother's Womb
Thanks for Believers
Joy in Believing
Joy in the Midst of Tribulation
A Mind to Work
The Plain Path
In Due Time
Sufficient to Speak God's Word
Walking as a Believer
Follow After
Salvation for ALL
Stayed Mind
Think God's Word
The Same Thoughts
One Mind
Prayer Availeth
Believe to See God's Goodness
A Grain of Mustard Seed
On the Fence
Mind Warfare
Ye Are What We Are
Believe and Obey
The Kingdom of God
Boldness of Speech
Walk in
Free Indeed

Emmaus Road Bible Fellowship Catalog

Scriptural Studies by Ken Petty
This is some of the best foundational teaching of God's Word available today!

GOD IS - scripture WORDS that describe GOD

The Mystery of the Administration of Grace

The Revelation of the Mystery
The Administration of Grace
What We Ought to Speak
The Gospel of Christ
The Foundation
The Mystery of the Grace of God

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

An Answer to Prayer
The Six Denials of Peter
The Sufferings of Jesus Christ
The Location of the Crucifixion
Four Crucified with Christ
A Lamb of the First Year
Blood & Body
Jesus Barabbas
Jesus Enters Jerusalem - Twice!
Jesus Christ's Cry of Triumph
The Burial of Jesus Christ
3 Days and 3 Nights
Simon of Cyrene and the Cross
Judas' Death
Seated at God's Right Hand

Zacharias & Mary
The Handmaid of the Lord
Old Testament Prophecies
The Birth of Jesus Christ
Magi from the East
The Genealogy of Jesus Christ


The Hope of Christ's Return
A Body Like His Glorious Body
Five Crowns
Experience VS Truth
Gathered Together or Left Behind
Are the Dead Alive Now?
Believing and Hope
Earnest Expectation
Rejoicing in Hope
The Shall of Christ's Return

I Thessalonians 4:16-18
   For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
   Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
   Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

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Gladly Cartoon Teachings

"Becky Believer"

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Acts Chapter 15
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